Family Farm

Established in 1904 by K.P. Ofstie just North of Bromhead, SK.  The original homestead was ‘proved up’ in 1905, and a pre-emption quarter was obtained.  The small farm of 320 acres was a dream come true for the early Norwegian settler.  Fast forward 110+ years and four more generations to Pederson Heritage Farms.  Owned and operated by Dallas, Wendy, Glenn and Stephanie Pederson.  We still farm the same 320 acres (along with a few more) with what we hope is the same passion that started this ‘dream’ so many years ago.  

We utilize the latest technology to care for and sustain our land. EC mapping benchmarked against soil samples helps to create the variable rate prescriptions that address the different soil types we farm. The 1930’s and 1980’s have taught us many lessons on how to care for our soil.  With the help of an agrologist we are building organic matter and doing more of the little things right for the future generations of our farm.

We specialize in growing and shipping top quality durum for milling as well as Maple Peas.  Our farm also grows canola, winter wheat, mustard, flax and lentils.  Please contact us if you are interested in any of these products.


Maple Peas